2018’s £1 WBD BOOKS

2018’s £1 WBD BOOKS

January 5th, 2018 by

Like every year, children all over the UK and Ireland are waiting eagerly for the annual World Book Day. WBD, in coordination with National Book Tokens and plenty of publishers and booksellers, will be distributing over 15 million book tokens to every child under 18 across the UK and Ireland.

A set of 10 new, exclusive WBD books for 2018 has been released and children are impatiently waiting for the event so they may purchase their favorite books. Here’s a brief overview of 2018’s £1 WBD books.


  1. Oi Goat! by Kes Gray: Oi Goat is the sequel to the award-winning series of rhyming picture books written by Kes Gray and illustrated by Jim Field. Written exclusively for World Book Day, the previous books in this series were best sellers and this book is likely to maintain the trend.
  2. Men by Adam Hargreaves: Written primarily for children aged 2-5, the Mr.Men and Little Miss book series has been delighting children for decades. The latest edition features Mr. Silly who planned to write a book about himself but later, decided to include his friends in the book so they’d read it too.
  3. Paddington Turns Detective & Other Funny Stories by Michael Bond: For the first time, three Paddington Bear stories have been compiled into a single collection, exclusively for World Book Day. Paddington bear is one of children’s most favorite characters created by master story teller, Michael Bond.
  4. Nadiya’s Bake Me a Story by Nadiya Hussain: Winner of The Great British Bake Off in 2015, Nadiya Hussain, brings forth an interesting and delicious treat for the whole family. Illustrated by Clair Rossiter, Bake Me a Story is a one of its kind book for children that combines cooking and storytelling.
  5. The Baby Brother from Outer Space by Pamela Butchart: Things seem to be getting really out of hand when it turns out that Haroon’s baby brother, who was recently admitted into school, is actually an alien from outer space. Brace yourself as Pamela Butchart, the award winning children’s writer, takes you on a fun-filled and amusing journey.
  6. Terry’s Dumb Dot Story: A Treehouse Tale by Andy Griffiths: Andy Griffiths is an award winning story writer, widely recognized across USA and UK. He is author of the famous Treehouse story series and is regarded as Australia’s best children’s writer. Written by Andy Griffith and illustrated by Terry Denton, Terry’s Dumb Dot Story is the latest addition in the Treehouse story series.
  7. Brain Freeze by Tom Fletcher: Brain Freeze is the latest children’s book from the pen of Tom Fletcher, one of the UK’s best-selling children’s authors. In this adventure packed book illustrated by Shane Devries, Fletcher takes children on an epic journey in time all the way to ancient Egypt.
  8. The Bold’s Great Adventure by Julian Clary: The Bold’s Great Adventure is about the fun-filled journey of two hyenas that travelled all the way from African Safari Park to England. Written by best-selling author Julian Clary, this laughter-packed book is certain to amuse children and adults alike.
  9. The Girl Who Thought She Was a Dog by Clare Balding: As a young child, Clare grew up surrounded by race horses and used to spend a lot of time with dogs and ponies. Eventually, she started to think that she’s a dog! This book has autobiographical elements presented in a funny yet heart-warming manner. Written specially for WBD, this book features the masterful storytelling and brilliance of Clare Balding.
  10. Marvel Avengers: The Greatest Heroes by Marvel Comics: Marvel heroes are loved by children all over the world. This WBD, Marvel brings an amazing fact-book about Marvel Avengers, a glorious team of Marvel superheroes. The book explores the costumes and super heroes of the most beloved characters by children including Ant-Man, Captain America, and Scarlet Witch.


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